lizztopia design

random thoughts. hieroglyphics scrawled on receipts. words scribbled on napkins. verbal ping-pong. sound bytes. dissected picture collages. storyboards on bill envelopes. ‘found object’ color swatches.

does any of this matter when you’re hiring a designer for a project? actually, it all matters. inherently.


because… when you hire a designer, you are selecting them for their collective experiences; the amalgamation of their visual vocabulary, sanguine stream of consciousness, word associations, virtual color spectrum in their head, agility in connecting the dots, prized right brain, ability to edit & distill images, the tenacity to flesh out your thoughts - and the finesse to spin them into cohesive concepts.

and just like snowflakes … no two designers are alike.

your brand needs TLC…and who better to do that than another thinker…

who thinks about what you think.

Lizztopia Design Studio is your one-stop shop for brand enhancement.